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Phoenix Golf Courses: Some Helpful References

One thing I have learned over the course of my life is that you should never waste your time reinventing the wheel. If information on Phoenix golf courses is readily available on the Web, it makes a heck of a lot more sense for me to refer you to their websites than for me to try and copy down (or rather copy and paste) all of the available information that I can find on the Internet regarding the several hundred award-winning golf courses that are littered all over the landscape of the Valley of the Sun.

One of the things I envisioned when I first started this website was to provide a list of Phoenix golf courses, but now I realize that most of this has already been done for me. So, again, not reinventing the wheel, and not trying to act like I’m the only one out there with this info, I would rather just act as a “traffic cop” and direct you to some excellent sites that provide this information. So, with that in mind, here are some good resources to help you find a list of golf courses in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area:


GolfLink has an excellent page that provides you with a comprehensive list of the many golf courses that are in the greater Phoenix area, and it also includes their proximity (in miles) to Phoenix. Ratings for each golf course are also provided. Here’s the link:


GolfGuideUsa also provides a Phoenix area golf course listing, albeit not quite as organized and structured as the GolfLink list. A plus for GolfGuideUsa is the capability to book your tee time online. Here’s the link:


You can’t go wrong with the official city website. Their Phoenix Golf page features information for Phoenix Golf Discount Cardholders, tournament booking information, links for golf instruction, special rates and programs, as well as schedules for their local tournaments and golfing events. Check out the link below:


This is a basic “city information” site that lists all the different activities that a person can do when visiting Phoenix, and obviously, you can’t leave golfing out of that lineup. The site’s Phoenix Golf page provides basic links to the many golf courses in the greater Phoenix area, and even some cities outside of Phoenix. You will have to visit each individual site to get addresses and phone numbers for those golf courses, but at least with this page it’s ordered and organized neatly. Includes municipal, private, and public golf courses. Here’s the link:

Well, this list should definitely keep you busy for a while. One thing that I believe is universal across the board when you’re talking with any golfer about Phoenix golf courses is the outstanding versatility and variety of their courses. So when you get some time to relax with a cup of coffee, check out some of those links and go ahead and plan your trip.

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