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Phoenix Golf Packages: Booking Your Tee Time Online

There are tons of great Phoenix golf packages available through the World Wide Web, and the ease of booking tee times online has truly become a common practice among avid golfers. The great thing about being able to book your tee times online is that normally the websites that provide this type of service also provide weather and travel information to aid you in making an informed decision. Most people who are familiar with booking tee times online are also familiar with GolfSwitch—it is the absolute largest online golf reservation network in existence. GolfHub is another popular one as well. I figured it would be good to include information on my website about how to book tee times electronically, just to make sure that I “covered my bases” for any newcomers to the world of online golf reservations.

For demonstration purposes, I decided to do a “walk-through” of what you would have to do to book a tee time online as you would when purchasing a typical Phoenix golf package. Basically what you would do is of course first visit any type of website that offers Phoenix golf packages—some of those I have already mentioned when I detailed the different websites that offer lists of Phoenix golf courses. You would normally click through to a website such as GolfSwitch or GolfHub that will actually process the entire transaction…for this example I’ll use GolfHub, and of course I’m going to select a tee time relative to some golf course in the greater Phoenix area—let’s use Phoenix Northwest as an example. Again, all of the choices you will need to make will be presented to you in a very easy, point-and-click type of format. I’ll say that I want to book a tee time for very early in the morning—this will definitely come in handy during the summer months, where the heat in Phoenix can be particularly intense.

Next, you will have to select a basic number of players—anywhere from 1 to 4 players is the common standard. Normally once you have made these preliminary selections, the website will give you several options of golf courses that you can choose from based on your criteria and personal preferences. The price ranges vary quite a bit, but you can normally expect to pay anywhere from $35.00 up to nearly $70.00 per player. Tee times normally include a golf cart and the standard 18 holes.

Once you have made your selection, you move to the actual ordering page where you provide your credit card information and so forth. It is common policy that if you have to cancel your reservation, you must do so no later than 24 hours prior to your tee time. If you have to bail out of your reservation for whatever reason and you do not cancel before that 24-hour cutoff period, you will be responsible for paying the full greens fees. Remember, they have your card, and they won’t be afraid to charge it!

Hopefully this article has provided some good information on how to handle any online transactions that you would encounter with the typical Phoenix golf package. Remember to plan properly, and you should have a great golfing experience.

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